Welcome to the Future of the Past!
Welcome to the Magical Realm!

It is an honor to offer you a wonderful journey into the magical world of your beliefs... Do you believe in Magic? Of course you do! At least you believed in it when you were a little child, with eyes wide open, full of adventure; with an open heart full of love and with a grateful mind full of trust. Remember?

Congratulations, you have arrived at the right time and place!

Nina's artistry opens portals for inter-dimensional beings to emerge through the veil and enchant you with their magic and healing spells. The wonder and delight of the Fairy Realms comes alive through her art. Magical creatures she portrays literally fly off the page and seek our cooperation and partnership in restoring the natural elemental world we live in back to it's pristine glory.Her personal wizardry opens dimensional doorways for you to journey into other worlds.

Delight in the magic and joy of exploring.
Come One, Come All.

Here they come, ready or not
Opening portals to a magical world
Spinning & spelling language of light
Bringing existence by shimmering glide

Flow in Magic, Stay in Magic, Live in Magic!

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