Fairy Ring

The Fairy Ring Cards are an invitation to join the magic and enchantment of the elemental worlds. Each card is a portal, allowing you to access the doorway to be transported to realms of shimmering magic, awakening the forgotten wonder of that pure child within your heart. Come! Feel the light anointing the fairies bestow upon you. Today, this realm is yours, let it take you where it will.


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All art work is copyright by Magicalportals.

"Fairy Ring" gift set included all eight greeting cards. Each package gift wrapped. All cards are full-color throughout printed on high-quality, heavy 12 pt C1S coated paper measures 4¼" x 5½", and comes with a mailing envelope.

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Enchanted by shimmering magic :
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" What a wonderful gift of Fairy Ring Cards.They are fantastically magicaland. I am really impressed with the amazing presentation, so incredibly Golden Age.! My blessings and energetic support for them to be a huge success.
* * *
" Your website, artwork, products are so breathtaking, activating, captivating, and so magical that I can't even put how I feel in words because my heart is swept away by it's beauty!! Thanks for sharing. Many, Many Blessings!!
"This is awesome, who could resist this portal, it draws you right in.


Magic Activation ~ Emerald Cards

The Emerald cards transmit the magical frequencies of the Fairy Realms. Each card is enchanted, energized by Nina's artistry and opens portals of inter-dimensional doorways. More coming...

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These elemental being will take you on an enchanted initiation through a fairy language spell.


Circles of Enchantment

Blue Fairies will dance you through the Fairyland Vortex to the higher frequency of true magic.


Back side of each card

Fairy Language opening portals within the Emerald Cards series.

All art work is copyright by Magicalportals.
All cards measure 5" x 7", and are full-color double sided, printed on sturdy, 15-point, glossy U/V coated paper with rounded corners.
To order prints please contact us at magicalportals@gmail.com


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