Message From The Magical Realm

Happy Vernal Equinox!

This year Vernal Equinox happens on March 20 at 17:33 UT, but remember the Equinox is a phase of 24 hours not a precise moment. It is time when the Sun reaches the balance point in its path through the year each Spring and Autumn. In olden times Spring Equinox was a starting point for the new calendar year and people celebrated the Vernal Equinox as a new beginning, the day of the old and the rebirth of the new, keeping the balance of night and day, light and dark. It is magical time of creation and manifestation, finding your energy balance and becoming ready to take on the world. But for this we must be grounded, be connected with nature, with her elements and their representatives - the elementals.

They are all busy and actively performing their tasks in this time period. Let's celebrate the Vernal Equinox and be a part of the magical moment! As an emissary for the elemental world, here is the message they wish me to whisper to you as well as some spells they spoke in my heart.

Plant some seeds yourself; ask out loud for the elementals to help and sing a little song, speak the spell so they hear you. Visualize the fairies enchanting your seeds, sylphs blowing magic dust on them, dancing in the air. Place a glass container outside filled with water to absorb the noon sunshine and midnight moonlight. Ask elementals to bless the water. Later you may bless your houseplants with this magical equinox liquid. Make contact with a Green Man and Green Lady by walking in the woodlands, hugging and touching trees and branches. Walk under star light. Stay in a wind! Dance in a rain! Play with a rainbow! Smile with a sun! Manifest the light with joy, open your mind, move to the rhythm within your heart!

Flying in a Sky
Forward to the wind
Bringing to the Earth
Mystery of Spring

Blessing by the Sun
Walking on a Land
Touching by the trees
Sing with Green Man

Keeping Magical Heart
Fire of fresh Love
Watering your Soul
With Magic from Above

Have a magical time!


" Wisard from the Far-Far away Planet "

"..It was already after midnight and she knew it was too late to do this, but hope was pushing her forward and she could not reject it. When her ritual of protection and connections were done it was time to empower her new space by infusing and enchanting it with the energy of magic.....

..As soon as she started to open the portal, a huge crystal, shining in glorious, diamond sparkling lights came out of the book and floated in front of her in mid-air, filling the entire room with bright lights streaming magic energy. The beauty made her smile with happiness and joy. For a few seconds Niay could not take her eyes away from it. What magic! ....

Suddenly she felt a remarkable strange frequency. Intuition never betrayed her, she was not alone in the room. Suspiciously Niay turned around. What she saw froze her for a moment.

...It was a WIZARD! A Real one!

In a long indigo robe with wide gold trimmed sleeves he had the look of a classic wise magician. The fabric of his entire robe was covered with a gorgeous design. Something was very special about that magnificent design of the cosmos. It was not just about the brilliant shimmering lights coming out of it that could be seen at a first glance...

...It was ANIMATED!

The cosmos with all its stars, planets and galaxies were moving. The hat of her guest was not simple too! Not only animated, but it also had changing scenarios and colors reflecting the Master's thoughts.

Niay had to restrain herself from diving into this magical star space..."

to be continued

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